Event Cover

Event Cover

AGO Fire & Rescue provides a unique service that offers a wide range of cover for small or large events. We understand that every event is different to the next, with our team of serving and ex serving firefighters we can cover all contingencies giving you the confidence of having your own private fire & rescue team to execute a successful event safely. Whether it is a music festival, country show or air show our team have the depth and knowledge to deal with any event that you require. We pride ourselves in our cost-effective quality bespoke packages which are delivered by our highly trained and dedicated firefighters.

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Fire Appliances

With our fleet of vehicles, we can provide all the services your event needs. With our all-terrain 4×4 vehicles we can accommodate any event site that you have. No matter the size or risk of your event our appliances have the versatility to accommodate. We can provide fire cover from a crew of two firefighters in our 4×4 vehicles or a full fire crew with our fully working fire appliance. All our vehicles have been fitted with current fire and rescue gear giving you the confidence that, no matter the requirement, your guests; crew, and assets are protected at all times by an experienced firefighting team equipped with a bespoke fleet of vehicles.

Temporary Alarms and Fire Fighting Equipment

We provide a bespoke service of temporary fire alarms which safeguards your whole site regardless of the location. This can allow your events to house more guests with a fully operational battery powered interlinking temporary fire alarm to give full coverage and warning in all areas and environments of your events.

Our firefighting equipment packages provide full hire and servicing for any fire extinguishers that you require on site via our fire safety consultant. We can provide all fire extinguishers to tackle any class of fire along with a servicing package from our fire safety consultants with over 30 years knowledge and experience. At AGO Fire & Rescue we only believe in supplying extinguishers where absolutely necessary. This gives our clients the confidence that the fire equipment we will suggest will allow their premises to be compliant and without unnecessary cost.

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Risk Assessments and Consultancy

Every event involves a unique combination of locations, environments, guests, crew and elements therefore each event needs to be assessed individually.  Our fire risk assessments and health and safety assessments identify the hazards that an event may face on site. We then provide recommendations for eliminating or mitigating and controlling those risks. Our team will assist your Health and Safety team to make decisions that allow them to set a budget for a safe workplace and minimize the chance of costly delays or shutdowns.

Fire Marshals/Wardens

With all our fire safety advisors being trained as Fire Marshals/Wardens, once the fire risk assessment is complete, we can provide a fire warden/marshal package which can make sure you are compliant with legislation during your event regardless of the size. With our team having over 30 years of firefighting experience we can provide our clients with the confidence that the knowledge we have will safeguard their crew, guests and assets. Our unique packages give you full access to our Fire Marshall/Wardens to assist and advise to keep your event running and will approach any eventuality calmly to keep composure in all situation including evacuations.

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