Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Throughout the years of firefighting equipment, fire extinguishers are still the most practical and cost effective when wielded correctly. They have the potential to stop a small fire from causing catastrophic irreparable damage. We can provide all fire class extinguishers along with a servicing package from our fire safety consultants with over 30 years knowledge and experience. At AGO Fire & Rescue we only believe in supplying extinguishers where absolutely necessary. This gives our clients the confidence that the fire equipment we will suggest will allow their premises to be compliant and without unnecessary cost.

Having fire extinguishers on your premises is only useful if you have staff practically trained in using them. When training is not implemented this could either cause fire extinguishers to be expensive ornaments, or it could put your staff at risk of tackling a fire incorrectly or one which has surpassed the capabilities of a fire extinguisher. For more information on getting your staff practically trained and making your premises compliant please click here.

See below for more detail on extinguisher type and why your premises needs them to be compliant. If you would like a quote on our extinguishers, please contact us here.

Why Do I Need Fire Extinguishers?

Fire Extinguishers are required in some capacity within all commercial buildings. During your Fire Risk Assessment it will be determined how many fire extinguishers your premises requires to deal with any potential fire hazards to comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This along with practical fire training will give your staff the capabilities of tackling small fires which could protect your employees and premises.

AGO Fire & Rescue can provide you extinguishers which comply with BS5306-8: 2012 along with inspection and servicing which complies with BS5306-3: 2017. If you are not able to place extinguishers in conspicuous place, then we can provide signage that complies with BS5499-1.

What the types of fire extinguishers do we offer and what do they do?

Water Extinguisher Sign | AGO Fire & Rescue

Water Extinguishers:

This type of extinguisher is used for Class A fires. These fires involve organic solid materials such as wood, cloth, paper, plastic, coal etc. This extinguisher will penetrate deep within the core of the fire and the water will cool the fire and extinguish it.

Foam Extinguisher Sign | AGO Fire & Rescue

Foam Extinguishers:

Foam extinguishers are now the go-to over water as they can extinguish Class A fires, like water, along with Class B fires. Class B fires involve flammable liquid, petrol, oil etc. This extinguisher attacks the fire on two sides of the fire triangle. It extinguishes by building up on the surface of the burning material suffocating the fire and cutting of the oxygen, whilst also cooling the hot material.

CO2 Extinguisher Sign | AGO Fire & Rescue

CO2 Extinguishers:

CO2 Extinguishers are the go-to for electrical fires. This extinguisher works by displacing the oxygen within the fire. These work effectively on small electrical fires whilst also protecting your electrical equipment as there will be no water damage.

Powder Extinguisher Sign | AGO Fire & Rescue

Powder Extinguishers:

Powder Extinguishers are used for Class C fires. Class C fires are flammable gases, propane, butane, methane etc. This extinguisher works by forming a barrier between the fuel and source of oxygen which interrupts the chemical reaction taking place.
Powder Extinguishers should not be purchased if they are intended to be used indoors unless mitigated by a Health and Safety Risk Assessment. In small confines this could cause a sudden reduction in visibility and could impair breathing which could jeopardise escape for the person attempting to extinguish the fire.

Wet Chemical Extinguisher Sign | AGO Fire & Rescue

Wet Chemical Extinguishers:

Wet Chemical Extinguishers are used for Class F fires. Class F fires are cooking fats and oil fires. This extinguisher works by discharging a high-density substance which smoothers the fire creating a barrier which prevents the fire from spreading and allows the fire to cool.

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